Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

I am married to my son

By HusseinScripts

When many people see most of me in marriage, they think I am happily married because of the luxurious house and the cars that swing me up and down around town. I wish they knew how hot this mansion is. Well, I am Grace, let me tell you how I got married to my own son.

It was years back when I met Amon on a business trip in Dubai. He had come to buy some of his goods and I was a Kadaama who had gone with my boss to buy some staffs. We quickly linked up because we were all blacks and when he told me he was a Ugandan, something naturally pulled me closer to him that I quickly asked him for his WhatsApp number as my boss called me to take our leave. You just do not know how happy I felt when I got the number.

When I reached home, we linked up on WhatsApp and we always talked day and night whenever I was free. He told me he loved me and he very much wanted to see me again. The truth is that I was not sure of seeing him again in the next one year because I still had one year on my contract with my boss. We became too patient for the whole year as we kept the contact on WhatsApp. When my contract got done, the first thing I thought of was him. I was in my late twenties and so I thought time was chasing over me, so this was the right time to settle down.

When I returned, he picked me up from the airport and took me to his house. It was this beautiful mansion that most people admire. He showed me he was serious when he told me he wanted me to introduce him to my parents so we may wed and we kick off with our future. It was like a dream come true, all went well. We made the introduction and also weded. I was in the life I truelly prayed for all my life.
We first enjoyed two years without a child because it was our plan to first enjoy our romantic days then the baby days of breastfeeding would follow. He took me to various parts of the world as I enjoyed life at its best. I very much appreciate whatever he did for my sake.
However, problems came in when we gave birth to our son Gordon. In the first year after my delivery, he started expanding businesses to other countries and so most of the times, he would be away. I knew he was working tirelessly for us so I did not give a damn. All I knew was that he was mine, and all for me alone. In the second and third year, he really started making me miss him like crazy. He would go for three months and not return. He would come home four or five times a year. I tried to endure it because I had trust in him.
Gordon is eight years now and things have really intensified beyond the limits. At the moment, Amon comes once in a year if not once in two. Last year he did not come at all. What makes me more sad is that he never takes time to call. When I call, he picks and tells me either he is in a conference or is travelling or with a client and he will call me back but he does not. I have always told him to spare time and comeback home at least for me to take a look at him or have at least a single hug from him because I desperately miss him.
All I am left with is Gordon my son. I wake up early in the morning like any married woman, I do housework and then prepare his breakfast. I then drive him to school and rush to town to check on the businesses and then I go back home.

Then I wash Gordon’s clothes, make his bed right and organize all his things. Then at lunch time I call his teacher to find out if he is well. I then stay home in prayer and try to read some books and watch some soaps on TV.

In the evening, I go and get him back home, bathe him immediately and serve him evening tea as he tells me what he learnt from school. We play around for some time and I help him do his homework package. In most cases, I feed him with my own hands, I like it when he throws food all around the place and when he refuses to eat enough because it gives me joy to see him argue with me on why he does not want to eat.

Some times, I bring his food on his small dinning table and kneel down before him, then he bursts out of laughter, picks some of the greens on the plate and throws them on my face. Then I go on chasing him up until I get him and bring him back onto the table. He takes his juice as I look on. On Saturdays, we go for an outing in some hotels and on some beaches and enjoy the calm winds of the waters.
Some days back, he brought his little friends from the neighborhood. Two were boys of his age and one was a little girl of about seven years, called Stella. When Gordon continuously played with Stella, I do not know how I came to tell them that playing time was over. I just do not know what came over me. It was as if I was jealous and at the same time too protective. I just did not want Stella to continue playing with Gordon because I knew she would take away my playing time with him too. One day I sat down and laughed at how foolish and crazy I had become.
A few months ago, I thought of cheating on Amon so I tried befriending one of my deliverymen Jack.

Hewas a very handsome young man in his mid twenties. He had just got done with university so because he had not got a job, he decided to start delivering eatables using an app. There is this look I started giving him whenever I requested for eatables and he brought them. All I know is that I just wanted to have him in bed and that is all. My hunt for his attention started when I went on making orders on his app even when I did not need them.
One Saturday, when my hunt had gone ripe, I came close to kiss him. He looked at me in fear and great surprise. I became bold and stronger and became ready to have my lips sit on his then all of a sudden, my son came from outside. I pretended not to have seen or heard him because this was the only chance I had. I put my lips onto Jakes lips and kissed him. He did not kiss me back, he was so frightened. Then I heard my son ask me,” mom, what is that?” I felt too ashamed of my self. I left Jake and my son in the sitting room and ran to my bedroom in shame. When I came back after an hour, Jake had already left. Gordon was playing his games on his pad. He told me that his uncle had gone. I did not want to look into his eyes even though he seemed not to be bothered. I felt like I had cheated on him. I mean Gordon, not Amon. Since I had chased his little female friend, I felt like he would have done the same if he had mature senses. All these were just in me, the little boy was not even bothered by whatever I was trying to do or even what I was thinking of. Now I just have him as the only person I give my attention to. At times I think that it is my son to whom I am married. Advance me please.


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