Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

What about the boys? Your role in his upbringing

Do you ever spare your precious time and wonder why the number of single mothers increases every now and then! Have you ever asked why young men are proving to be more irresponsible every second that goes by? I have evidenced many cases where men are victims of domestic violence but since they are men, they cannot come out to report the injustices. It is however right to note that just like girls, today boys too are suffering from violence, neglect and abuse.

 While nurturing children, girls are more attended to. Parents are more protective when it comes to the girl child and leaves the boy with no option except to try and get his parents attention. It is why they never get out of trouble.

As early as 6yrs, the warmth given to a boy does not come even close to the affection a girl receives. This is why girls are more affectionate and care givers. Many young men do things because they feel obliged not because it is the right thing to be done.

You tell them not to cry. Aren’t they human? Or you just distaste the sound from a deeper voice. Crying does not mean one is weak. Breaking down is a courageous act and clear step to healing

You teach girls house shores as boys stay seated watching television. This has inspired many weird relationships where a man decides to live with someone’s daughter not because they need a life companion but because they need someone to wash for them, cook for them and entertain them in bed.

Picture a relationship where both the man and woman freely perform home duties. Think about it in a way where both benefit equal rights. The kind of rights you want women to access at their work places.


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