Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

Children exhibit their reflection of wild and it’s beauty through Art

Children from Kampala parents school, 7 hills international school, Green hill academy, Ambrosoli international school, French school international, Galaxy international school, Montessori pre-school, International school of Uganda and Taibah international school participated in school art magazine awards and were tasked to produce their understanding of wild and it’s beauty in a visual art form. This was organized by School Art Magazine (SAMA), Uganda National Cultural Center, Expressions Africa group of artists and peacock the painter’s paint.

The exhibition that happened at Nommo gallery over the weekend was organized under the theme Wild and it’s beauty and it was an opportunity for the children to give life to their collective approach of the theme through expressing it on canvases.

Some of theschools that represented

Ibrahim Muwanga, founder of School Art Magazine(SAMA) said the idea of SAMA came to him in 1999 while he was in primary seven when his school visited Nommo gallery and they were awarded after the workshop.

“There are certain things someone does to a child and they keep on their mind. I made it a promise that if I make it to the art world one day, I would create something that would be of benefit to the children.”

He also added that because he was always bullied for his name “Muwanga” a name for Buganda god for children, it left him with no choice but love the children even more therefore it is a program he started at heart.

Robert Musiitwa, Public relations officer Uganda National Cultural Centre said the exhibition included children because through them, culture can easily be passed on to the next generation.

“We wanted to change context of African setting where children are not engaged. It is also part of this year’s strategic plan as emphasis is put on preservation, promoting and popularizing Uganda’s culture.you can’t promote and popularize what does not exist.” He stressed

The SAMA exhibition saw awarding of all participants with certificates and medals. The best twenty students from the nine schools received a gift and a certificate and their work is sold at shs1,20,000, the top student from each school received a certificate and a medal and their work goes for shs1,50,000. The remaining pieces are also sale at shs100000 and each art piece sold, the student receives 50%, Expressions Africa group of artists takes 25% and the remaining 25% goes to Nommo gallery.

The top three artists were awarded differently as the second runners up Robin Aline Kohier from 7hills school went home with Trophy, certificate and cash prize of shs1,40,000, the first runners up Musisi Micheal from Taibah international walked home with a trophy, certificate and shs1,60,000 and the overall winner Sarah Baldwin from International school of Uganda received a certificate, a trophy and shs3,50,000. Their pieces can be got at shs2,00,000 each.

Philip Balimunsi Curator Nommo gallery commented on the Sarah’s piece as a mind blowing one. According to him,Baldwin expressed a comprehensive definition of wild and it’s beauty.

The winning piece

“When we said wild, we did not mean wild in terms of animals but because some teachers in some schools miss interpreted the term to the children but the idea was wild and it’s beauty. You can define wild to a human being reason why we sometimes say the children are wild, it can be an abandoned home, it can be a bush.we wanted original ideas from the children this is why the winner’s piece is totally different. You cannot imagine a baby in an abandoned house in the bush chasing birds. She painted something that is uncontrolled,something that is abandoned, something that is neglected and I think that gives a comprehensive definition of what wild is. Literary that child is special.”He expressed.

Sam Kello Okello chairperson board of trustees Uganda National Cultural Centre called up public school to take part in such programme as they stimulate young people’s talents. He further advised the children to continue exposing their talents whenever opportunities come their way.

Sam Okello

“This is a very good decision and I hope that our school system will borrow from this. You note that all the schools that have participated are private school and I hope that public schools will also get involved. For the children, you are in the mornings of your lives, I can assure you if you keep what you are doing right now, by mid-day of your life, you will be the creative artist has ever seen.” He said

Children Having fun

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