Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

Gerald Kiwewa Behind Bars

By Magical Logic

Police arrested local musician Gerald Kiwewa on allegations of defaming Kayunga Woman MP Idah Nantaba.  It is reported that the singer is held at the CID headquarters in Kibuli for the song he sang with a one upcoming artist Dinah Rukoti. The song whose title is Nantaba portrays how young girls married to older men date boys. The title of the song, “Nantaba” is what seems to trigger the artist’s arrest in claim that he might have been pinching minister Aidah Nantaba.

According to a source, the upcoming artist Rukoti is in hiding together with the manager as well as the video director of the song.

“Kiwewa was detained yesterday. It is said that it may be because of his song,” Nantaba” which is a minister’s name. What I know is that the song is not political at all. It was meant to warn married women who cheat in marriage and bring trouble to those young boys they cheat with. For Rukoti, I hear she is hiding herself and her manager too. The director of the video of the song is also in panic. But I think the director is not in trouble because his work is to shoot the video as the song says…,” a source said.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed that Kiwewa was arrested and is detained and is being interrogated at CID.

“We have arrested Gerald Kiwewa because we recorded a complaint from Hon Idah Nantaba saying the lyrics in the song directly attack and defame her,” said Onyango.

Several artists like Bobi Wine, Mathias Walukaga, Ronald Mayinja and others are said to have tested the police’s iron on the same account. We hope the artist will not find a hard time out.


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