Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

Keep warm in this Nsenene weather

With this wet season stuck with you, now is the time to attack back as you enjoy the seasoned food “grass hoppers” that come with the cold.

The coldness everywhere has got you thinking of staying in bed all day.

Worry not! Ugabuzz has got your closet covered with warm styles that will help you keep your cool.

The Roll Neck

The roll neck is a great option for a wet season. It’s long sleeves and roll neck help to keep your nerves worm.

You can always grab one in a colour of your choice to complement your day’s attire.

The over coat

The sized coat is designed with enough fabric to style you up and fill your body with wormth.

An Over Coat for women

Knit Wear

The knit wear can be either a cardigan or jumper. The natural touch given to it during the process of making gives it a feel of love.


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