Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

Naira Ali not happy with on going female perfomers women empowerment challenge

Song bird Naira Ali has trashed the ongoing challenge of female entertainers accepting and taking on women empowering women challenge.

According to her, women empowerment goes beyond just tags as she shared

”As women in this industry we need to do alot to uplift each other  than just reposting this challenge…We have not tried at all as young women we only focus on ourselves.There’s a young woman out there who’s starting up a salon and all she needs is just afew of us to post about it  ,there’s ayoung  Vivian Tendo who needs atleast 20 of us to share and post her new song, there’s a queen Sheebah Kalungi who needs all of us as awomen to endorse HolicPads,there’s a Shifah Musisi out there with very good bitengi outfits and needs our references, there’s ayoung woman politician in Kanyike Shammie and all she needs is us posting her pinup……”

The ndi mwerere singer says female performers have not done enough against sexual harrasment and cross generational sex yet they are great influencers and have the necessary platforms to pass on the message.

“Have we come out to condemn sexual harassment at work places?  No! has anyone talked about these old men in town talking advantage of young women for sex? No..yet we have the platform and all it takes is ten of us saying something, honestly we need each other if we  must move this Male dominated industry and better ourselves….” She urged

Female entertainers like Sheebah Karungi, Nina Rose, Spice Diana, Rema Namakula, Diana Nabatanzi among others had already taken on the challenge and tagged other female performers as well


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