Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

Nash Wonder rebrands, set to return to the music industry

Faded producer Enock Kubeerwa alias Nash Wonder is one of the recognized music producers in music business in Uganda. His beats gave Khalifah Aganaga’s ndabirawa song a great vibe that saw him rise to fame.
That aside, when did you last hear a hit from his touch? Well, he is rebranding and coming back into the music business.

Through a television interview, Nash Wonder revealed that he had given music a break to focus on other businesses as he analyses the industry.

“I have been away for some time doing this and that but now I am back. I am working on rebranding myself to make real money. It is always better to organize and come back. I have started and set up a studio and I am ready to work…,” he said.

The famous Maso producer also said “”I think artiste management in Uganda needs organization. We all need to respect one another. The producer needs to respect the artiste and the artiste needs to respect the producer. Why should an artiste beat up a fellow artiste or producer?…,”


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