Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

Not even AIDS would have separated me from Mayinja- Aisha Nakyeyune

Aisha Nakyeyune, wife to Ronald Mayinja has revealed that she was ready to stick with her husband amidst of HIV/AIDS threat.

During a local YouTube interview, Aisha stated  that she stuck with her husband even when her father never wanted her to marry the singer because of the rate at which  HIV/AIDS was killing artistes

“My father disowned me when he heard that I had got married to Ronald Mayinja , besides being non Muslim, Mayinja was a musician and my father thought I was going to die of HIV because HIV/AIDS which  was killing musicians at a very high rate by then,” Aisha said.

Because of her love for Mayinja, Aisha said she never cared about her father’s decision because of her love for the singer and also the fact that she had lost some of her sisters to the deadly disease yet they had not been in connection with musicians.

” I said to my self that if I was to die of HIV/AIDS any other person who is not even a musician could infect me and I die , so I didn’t leave my husband , and besides that we had even buried some of my sisters who died of HIV/AIDS and they weren’t married to musicians.. ”She continued.


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