Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

Rema’s magnificent introduction in pictures

Remah in her changing gomasi
Spark tv’s gossip queens Preciuos Remie and Gabriel did not let the event pass
Hamza Ssebunnya with gossip girl Ozzie. She could not leave his side without a few questions
The bride of the year first wore a green gomasi
A rare picture of Musician Cinderella Ssanyu aka Cindy clad in a gomasi
Comedian Herbat Ssegujja aka Mendo, Andrew Kyamagero, Ykee Benda, Patrick Salvado and the B2C artistes represented
Motor mouthed Annatalia Ozzie did not disappoint
Did you see Zaharah Totto slaying?
Diana Nabatanzi of Bbs television represented

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