Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

State of Uganda’s music industry. Have artistes turned into vegetarians?

While the likes of a Cindy are not ready to move on, other artistes even those she tries to get at seem to have moved on long time ago.

Forgive GNL, Navio and Gravity for the endless attacks, Hip hop tastes better with a healthy beef. Google Lil Wyne, Bird man, Nickie Minaj and the likes.

That aside, the closeness and support being exhibited by Uganda’s musicians lately is quite something. The industry is now growing courtesy of scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Even before tik tok trended, Sheebah had danced to Cindy’s boom party song and praised it as well

Lydia Jasmine twirled to Winnie Nwagi’s Kwata essimu, Angelina spinned on Karole Kasita’s balance song, Rema recently was getting sensational feelings to Andre and Katatumba’s tonerabila and many others.

You won’t get to hear lyrics of “beggalira mu kisenge nebawuliriza byenyimba” no way, artistes today support each other in broad day light.

Situation changed from “I need to get there first” to “we all need to shine.”

There is no more room for I have have a better voice, I sing more sense and I attract a bigger audience.

With no tantrums here and there, the tranquility within the industry is likely to give birth to a strong bond among musicians and more collaborations as well.


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