Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

Tha icon outs new love ballad

By Magic Logic

When the late Radio fell off the music industry tree, non had perfected his vocal pull outs. Many had thought that King Saha would fit in but it seems Bebe Cools call on him was another fatal blast. The other was Karl Famous and other upcomings who kept on meandering here and there until they fell of track. All these did not make it up to the fallen “nakeesa” singer.

Well, what do we call it when another legend, to be, arises? Yessss! Another yet to be legend here. The star here is non other than Tha Icon who is undoubtedly one of the most standout vocalists in Uganda, though he is UK based, his “Sheri” was one that made the land feel his arrival and his “te amor” made many node up and down in acceptance of his vocal ability.

According to inside sources, the “te amor” singer has just released another love song called “omwoyo” which seems to be sending lonely hearts into a comfort zone. This is the song that many will dedicate to one another incase they missed them for long in this Quarantine period.

Should anyone hesitate, the singer told his fans that a more buffet of vocals is on its way so they should wait for much more.

“Much is still coming my fans. I have very many other songs coming up in a few weeks and its a full package of vocals. I thank you for the support and I request you to continue supporting me, I pray that God blesses you, yeesssssuuuuu!!!!…,” the singer said.


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