Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

What about the boys?

A few months back, I was lucky to watch “taasa amaka ago” on one of our local television channels. The program was about a minor (girl) accusing another minor (boy) of impregnating her. The boy had denied the allegations but no one listened and one day, he been dragged from class and taken to prison where he spent his time until the media house came to his rescue.

The young man kept on denying the responsibility but the only people that believed his innocence were his parents. He was lucky when a local television station intervened and helped him get a DNA that proved he had not sired the child. Before the media came in, the young man had been unjustly treated. We all know prisoners are not fed on cake.

His story aside, one popular media personality revealed during a live television interview that a woman used to sexually molest him in exchange for shelter. When that happens to girls, the world gets turned upside down.

Both the girls and boys are born so innocent with plain canvases for the world to paint whatever they want to. However, parents tend to show more compassion, warmth and protectiveness to the girl child more than the boy child. Society believes a woman is a weaker sex and has to be empowered yet the Uganda Police Force crime report of 2013 indicated that of the 360 people killed in domestic violence, 183 were men and 177 were women. This lives a question for society to think about. But what about the boys?

Early this year, a local tabloid published stories of men crying out to state minister for youth and children affairs Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi. They accused women of both physical and psychological torture. They said it is a silent killer eating them and they don’t know who to run to.

Empowering women is the best option of uplifting a nation however, that improved nation of super women needs exceptional men to lean on. And who will teach these men about love, tenderness and compassion when all the focus is on the girl child!


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