Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020

A pass takes side on Kenzo and Bobi Wine saga

Singer Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass has finally taken side and shared his opinion in regards to musician Eddy Kenzo’s dissatisfaction of Bobi Wine’s change in behavior.

Through his social media platform, A Pass said that he is not Kenzo’s father therefore he has no right to support or trash Eddy Kenzo’s character since the artiste is old enough to know what he prefers in life.

 “I am not his father; his father alone can tell him what to do. He is a big man with a big career and he must know what he wants in life. “He expressed

After telling off the media, the mummy singer went back to his usual business of being comical after telling off the media.

Kenzo’s political and non political opinions have triggered many debates among his and Bobi Wines followers, artistes eying political seats in different parts of the country and music critiques.


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