Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020

Crushing: Any man would love Pia Pounds-Tha icon confesses

Do you remember how light skinned musician /model Pia Pounds was dumped last year by her fiancé, city photographer Daville after she chose music over a decent marriage?

Well, she must be past that now as Ugandan born UK based artiste Muhima Deodee alias Tha icon has finally confessed his feelings to the forever upcoming singer Pia Pounds.

The singer who has been consistently sharing pictures of Pia Pounds on his social media with captions that could make you believe the two shared eternal love has given in to pressure and confessed his true feelings for the sweet and delicious singer.

“I love Pia Pounds. She is young, beautiful, has a good sense of style, she is photogenic and very calm by the way. Tell me who wouldn’t love such a beauty…” Tha icon said

Well good news for Pia for she is likely to get another marriage proposal from the omwoyo singer if at all her “current” man takes long to propose for the only thing still holding her back is releasing a hit song.


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