Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020

Fans underrate Fameica and Jasmines bingi song

Ever since musician Lydia Jazmine appeared in Fik Fameika’s  muko video as a vixen,  their  fans  preferred to get  more than music. Fans wanted more, they dreamed of a wedding.

And since your artistes know what to do when it comes to staying relevant in the industry, it was speculated that the two artistes were going out, that was followed by the bingi audio and video.

The behind the scenes for the video did so much in making it the most awaited video but after its release, it was heartbreak after heart break. Fans have been complaining not only about the audio, but also, about the poor choice of a video director.

Fred Ugandan “The video is okay but the song NO! …………..”

Muboji Sadam “I really love fik fameica but bingi is not what we expected for all the trailers we watched it’s only the video on set”

Blessing Shakaug: “What I expected z not wat I’ve seen……”

Camara Sharlyn: “You guys are both talented but couldn’t you find a better writer?”

Damy Dagal: “Ooh no this isn’t what I expected to see though the video is kawa…..”

Aiman Amer Aljaber: “I wish you did with Swangz, it will be the best video with art. We were expecting some good entertainment like money heist but I never saw anything. Swangz deserved it.”

 Zari Ug Fic’s had this to say”vibes are somehow though not the real him bro this time round my you disappointed me or why? The way i was waiting for this song and expecting fire, Thanks though.”

Precious Sarahzoe said the video is really beautiful but this song salutegede bulunji.


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