Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020

I stand with Zahara Toto- Tha icon

Like it has always been said, tough times reveal character and friends, we can not help but admit that Zahara Toto’s break up with Don Solomon aka big papa has brought to light the kind of person she gets when she is desperate for love.

The situation has also revealed people’s true feelings for her because while some bloggers and online inlaws started playing the blame game with others minding their business, UK based musician Muhima Deodee has got a seat in her camp.

The Omwoyo singer says he understands what the gossip queen is going through.

“I stand with her, most of my songs I write & sing represent what she is going through now…”

Being a man has not stopped Muhima from expressing his true feelings. “A man can make you fall in love but when they get a better one, they turn their back on you. Many of you are laughing at her.. but today it’s her & tomorrow it will be you!” He said


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