Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020

Rema’s Eid Adha in pictures

Musician Rema Namakula is one of the few artistes that happens to share every bit of her life with fans.

This time again, she didnt disappoint as she flaunted social media with her Eidh celebration pictures that left fans and followers talking.

“Finally the long waited photos have been posted. Our dream has come true” Jessica Nam commented

Maama Bulamu commented “Always smart and decent. Now I can understand what you meant by living the best version of Rema Namakula.” Yes you are a true definition of Amakula.”

Logose Kevin said Some of you are stuck in friendships wea ur opinions ad choices ar not valued but bcoz you need to belong somewhere u stick around and try hard to fit in ekintu you really don’t have to! A friend is not supposed to be worshiped, it’s a companionship that requires people who like – minded, who love each other and can grow each other in many ways to be equally invested in the friendships.TEAM REMA


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