Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020

The Ebonies go digital, unleash online platform to promote their work

By Magical Logic

Lately, performers have proved that they want to earn from their work by hook or crook. Many have been unblinded by the Covid19 pandemic effects.

From the online performances that have been trending during the lock down to opening up online platforms where they can generate money regardless of the situation at hand.

Popular drama and musical group the Ebonies has also followed suit. Earlier today, they opened up an online platform where there work will be accessed and bought at a favorable fee. The news was revealed through the group’s social media referring their fans and followers to Ebowood for their content.

“We kindly request our fans to kindly find our work on our new platform called Ebowood where all our work that we have worked on from the beginning are there. So, we kindly request you to search it up for it and get all our movies at an affordable price…,” they posted.


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