Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020

We used to sell ladies underwear-spice Diana

Musician spice Diana is one of those few artistes with a cheerful character. You can hardly tell she had it all during her childhood.

However, with all smiles she keeps on her face, lately, the star gal revealed that she has hustled hard all her life and the only jobs she has not done at her age is prostitution,  marriage and digging pit latrines.

β€œMe and my mother used to sell ladies underwear used to sell ladies underwear, I remember we started that business with the capital of Shs10,000, we could buy one pant at Shs200 and sell it at Shs500 or Shs1000, our business then grew bigger and bigger,” she disclosed

 β€œI never enjoyed my teenage years. I spent it working so hard to raise my young siblings, I have done every kind of job apart from prostitution, marriage and digging pit latrines,” she added.


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